How to authentically engage and serve a broader consumer audience

How to authentically engage and serve a broader consumer audience: A Digital Community Gathering for Natural Products Leaders and Change Makers

The U.S. natural products industry as a whole currently serves primarily white consumers and this is preventing the industry from engaging and providing products for an increasingly diverse and non-white U.S. consumer demographic. While it’s one thing to say you want to engage and serve more diverse consumer audiences, it’s another thing to actually do this in a way that benefits both the consumer community and your organization. This J.E.D.I Collaborative digital community gathering will explore the tools, approaches and commitments natural products brands need to employ to authentically reach more diverse consumer communities with their product development, branding and marketing, and distribution strategies.

You will learn from J.E.D.I experts and have an opportunity to dig deeper into specific topics during group breakout discussions, including:

  • Connecting with consumers of color – understanding policy that impacts attitudes, behavior and spending
  • Creating a truly J.E.D.I Influencer strategy – building relationships, avoiding tokenization and how to be a brand that BIPOC influencers want to work with
  • Connecting with a more diverse audience – overcoming biases and engaging new customer segments



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