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    SueLynn Junkert

    Hello – we had this question come up and I’d like to get some additional insights. “How are committee members paid for being part of JEDI?”.

    When creating a JEDI committee within a company, how do you handle the compensation for those on the committee? Do you treat it like other committee/meeting where they receive the same compensation as their primary role? Or do you pay the same to each person on the committee, regardless of their primary role? Do you pay more for certain roles on the committee (e.g. if you have a chair, etc.)? Do you pay a stipend? Is any of this different for salaried/hourly employees?

    I think this is a super valid question – if everyone is doing this as something extra to their primary job, but they are paid the same as their primary job, each person is being paid a different amount for similar work. I’m also trying to work through administrative items: salaried employees are more likely to add on hours to do this work and don’t get paid for that and hourly employees might receive over-time for the same time; do we establish a minimum pay for the committee (something like, if you don’t already make $X/hr, you will receive the differential for the time spent on this committee); I can’t legally pay someone differently due to the protected classes but I recognize those who are part of a marginalized community could likely need to give more to part of this work (e.g. emotional labor, teaching others, etc.), averaging the pay of the primary jobs of those on the committee doesn’t seem appropriate either and would vary the ‘value/pay’ of the work based on who was on the committee at any given time, etc.

    Thank you for any insights, thoughts, etc.!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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