How To Create a J.E.D.I Culture

Join J.E.D.I Collaborative for a panel discussion and break out sessions that dive deep into our company culture commitments.

About this Event

Thursday, November 5th 11-12:30p pacific

How to Create a J.E.D.I Culture: A Digital Community Gathering for Natural Products Leaders and Change Makers

From engaging in difficult conversations about unconscious bias to establishing inclusive and equitable policies and practices, this J.E.D.I Collaborative digital community gathering will explore the tools and commitments needed to center the voices, needs and experiences of those in your organization who have been marginalized and call people in to help create a company culture that fosters justice, equity, diversity and inclusion.

You will learn from J.E.D.I experts and have an opportunity to dig deeper into specific topics during group breakout discussions, including:

  • Unconscious bias and microaggressions: How to have difficult conversations and call people in when you witness problematic behaviors
  • Creating an inclusive environment and fostering belonging in the workplace: Workplace structure audit, gender and LGBTQ+ inclusivity, wellness in the workplace, body positive environment and more
  • J.E.D.I policies: What is needed and how to advocate outside your company for legislative changes in federal, local and state policies.



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