Jumpstart Plus

  • Organization must have an existing JEDI commitment that fulfills the requirements found here
  • Graduates of our Jumpstart Pathway to Action program are automatically eligible for Jumpstart Plus
  • Organization has identified a single commitment to focus on. Each Jumpstart Plus engagement focuses on moving a single commitment forward. Organizations can sign up for multiple engagements as needed to keep the work on the same commitment moving forward. However, multiple commitments (even within the same organization, happening at the same time) will require separate engagements. [Note: this is necessary to manage scope and because different experts and/or key stakeholders may be needed to work on different JEDI commitments.]


This program is for organizational leaders working to implement a company-wide JEDI Commitment


$350 per seat/per session – minimum 2 enrollees (no maximum limit to # of enrollees.)

Registration Start:

Flexible, however Jumpstart Alumni are encouraged to enroll in Jumpstart Plus within 2 months of completing their Jumpstart engagement.

Each engagement includes 2 sessions which ideally are scheduled within 2-3 weeks of each other.


Jumpstart Plus uses 1-hr. long virtual meetings with industry expert(s) to identify and provide digital and IRL resources that help operationalize a commitment to implementing practices and/or policies that center and uphold justice, equity, diversity and inclusion

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