Gretchen Grani

My J.E.D.I Why: “The Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (J.E.D.I) work supports two of Guayakí’s regenerative aspirations: Conscious Leadership and Social Justice. The J.E.D.I Collaborative provides Guayakí with important learning and tools with which to evaluate and improve our performance. It is valuable to network with other members of the Collaborative and share our J.E.D.I journey as it evolves.”

Gretchen has directed corporate sustainability for two natural product brands over the last seven years. Other experience includes co-founding and leading a corporate foundation, budget management for a national environmental nonprofit, serving on numerous nonprofit boards, environmental consulting, ecopsychology writing, and volunteering at a winery for 10 years. Gretchen is an advocate for personal regeneration and regenerative business as a solution to reversing climate change and social justice.

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