Inessa O-Childs

Inessa is an angel investor and entrepreneur currently working at the intersection of food and technology, with a focus on addressing two global challenges: food waste and food insecurity. As the Director of Development at Treasure8, she connects social investors, family offices, foundations, and non-profits with opportunities to co-create a regenerative food system of the future. She also is engaged in a project to improve the outcomes of mothers and babies in the First 1,000 Days. In addition to adding to a strong foundation for Treasure8, she co-founded the Future Food Center in San Francisco, a global innovation hub committed to building an abundant 21st-century food system.

Ms.O-Childs serves on the board of Creative Visions Foundations, whose mission is to spark awareness of critical issues through media, art and technology, and a member and investor of the Seraph Group, a venture capital firm specializing in high-growth start-ups, seed stage, and early-stage companies.

Outside of the roles above, Inessa has provided years of smart capital and advisement to countless organizations all over the world who seek to develop women entrepreneurs, startups, and philanthropic endeavors. Noted for her technological inventions, she has also contributed to four U.S. patents throughout her career and served as one of the founding members of the Russian Language edition of PC Magazine in Russian Language. Lastly, as a community member of Treasure Island, she works to create a more sustainable and healthy ecosystem for the children and families of the island. Inessa earned a Bachelor of Arts from Moscow State University of Printing Arts and is fluent in Russian.

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