Inessa O-Childs

Inessa O’Childs is the Director of Development at Treasure8, a food tech company leading a Resource Revolution® to bring disease-fighting, sustainable nutrition to a rapidly growing planet. She is responsible for much of the company’s growth strategies, including leading partnerships and investor relations, and it is partly because of her support and leadership that Treasure8 has earned a number of grants and awards, most recently the ReFed COVID-19 Food Waste Solutions Grant. 

Inessa comes to Treasure8 from a strong background in angel investing and entrepreneurship and has been based in San Francisco for more than two decades. She is very passionate about work that addresses global challenges, specifically nutrition insecurity and climate change. Prior to joining Treasure8, Inessa worked as a managing partner at the IVO Technology Fund and was also a founding member of the Future Food Center. In addition to her work at Treasure8, Inessa is a board member at Creative Visions Foundation, a member of the investor task force at OSC/JEDI Collaborative. 

A Russian native, Inessa is a catalyst for food system change. She works with leaders in the food industry to advance sustainability and drive strategic growth.

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