Trailblazer Pathway

What is it?

Trailblazer Pathway is a 9-month facilitated program for organizational leaders facilitating a company-wide JEDI Committee who are ready to operationalize and implement a robust JEDI action plan

Trailblazer Pathway was created to offer community accountability, deep JEDI learning and guidance on creating and implementing a robust justice, equity, diversity & inclusion action plan within companies. 

Facilitated by Aparna Rajagopal and Ava Holliday, Co-founders of The Avarna Group


What you’ll learn

You’ll meet with your peer group and facilitators once a month for 1.5 hours. There will be videos and readings/podcasts assigned as homework between sessions. Participants will also have access to 6 commitment specific courses through OSC University, of which they may attend as many as they’d like.

Session 1—Building a Container

Introductions, trust building, and how to build/refine a plan

Session 2—Stereotypes & Microaggressions

Identifying stereotypes and single stories in the natural products industry:

  • Workshopping through hidden messages and impacts of microaggressions
  • How microaggressions and stereotypes show up in the plan building process itself (e.g. assuming BIPOC people will take the lead on building the plan)
  • How this impacts workplace culture

Session 3—Bias + Power

Dive deeper into how power functions using the 4 I’s of oppression. Explore the cycles of grief that people can feel when engaging in JEDI work

Session 4—Having Difficult Conversations

How to talk to people who have very different values. Worksheet on tips and tricks to calling people in

Session 5—Shifting culture from exclusion to belonging

Review cultural hallmarks and explore how they can both prevent building a JEDI plan and doing JEDI work. We’ll also cover solutions to cultural hallmarks of white supremacy

Session 6—Gather Data & Identify Key Stakeholders and Success Metrics

Discussion and peer to peer review

Session 7—Prioritize Objectives & Create implementation Roadmap

Share objectives, timeline and roadmap draft with peers

Session 8—Implement a Strategic Objective

Take action on a strategic objective

Session 9—Final Sharing & Community Commitments

Share refined J.E.D.I plans

Additional Sessions via OSC University

All six of these courses (courses subject to change) are included in Trailblazer Pathway. It’s up to each individual participant to determine which they’d like to attend:

  • Hiring and recruitment with an equity lens
  • Diversity on boards and inclusive board practices
  • Brand activism: How brands can advocate for JEDI policy
  • Representation in marketing
  • Supplier diversity
  • Food history and decolonizing the natural products industry


Meet your facilitators

Aparna Rajagopal

Founding Consultant of J.E.D.I Collaborative & Founding Partner of The Avarna Group

Aparna (she/her) is a former natural resources and business litigator who has devoted the last seven years to helping outdoor and environmental organizations attract and engage a diverse and inclusive base of people and cultivate inclusive cultures. Aparna has facilitated workshops on inclusion, equity, cultural competence, cultural relevancy, and implicit bias for over thousands of outdoor educators, nonprofit leaders, outdoor industry professionals, land managers, conservation grantors, and conservationists. She has also spearheaded projects that encourage public dialogue about diversity and inclusion in the outdoors, including Expedition Denali: Inspiring Diversity in the Outdoors. Most recently, Aparna co-founded and has served as director for the People of the Global Majority in the Outdoors, Nature, and the Environment Summit.

Ava Holliday

Founding Consultant of J.E.D.I Collaborative & Founding Partner of The Avarna Group

Ava (she/her) believes a more sustainable future is dependent on simultaneously working towards social and environmental justice. She has devoted the last six years to researching and working in this field. Currently a Ph. D. candidate at the University of Washington in the department of Anthropology, Ava has designed and implemented a research project that investigates diversity and inclusion efforts in American environmentalism and has designed and taught several of her own university level courses covering topics such as power, identity, environmentalism, health, and wilderness. Beyond her academic life, Ava puts her knowledge into practice by working as an outdoor educator. Most recently, Ava served as a lead advisor and facilitator at the LGBTQ Outdoor Summit.

What you’ll gain

Trailblazer Pathway participants will:

  • Build individual skills and knowledge related to JEDI, including; 
    • Building deeper self awareness and analysis related to power, privilege, and oppression
    • Build skills on better leading JEDI work and building inclusive culture
    • Build skills to better have difficult conversations
    • Build a peer to peer network dedicated to ongoing learning
  • Build skills and knowledge for building out a more detailed JEDI action plan 
    • Build skills and knowledge about how to conduct company wide analysis to inform JEDI action plan
    • Gain knowledge about specific strategies and tactics for each commitment area to build out a more detail action plan
    • Learn from peers about successes, challenges, and creative solutions
  • Use ongoing plan refinement + cohort support/accountability to prioritize and implement key objectives  
    • Learn how to prioritize multiple fundamental objectives using strategic planning tools and/or assessment grids
    • Gain knowledge about theoretical foundations and the practical procedures to implement multiple-objective analysis

What will you leave with? A robust action plan that will ensure your company executes holistic JEDI Change



“The connections built in doing this work collectively with other companies was encouraging and inspiring. Pathways empowered All Good with resources, tools and a tangible framework to dive more deeply into J.E.D.I. It provided a space of safe and open communication to work through tough and sensitive topics.” —Lindsey Bolton, Sales & Marketing at All Good


Enrollment Details

Prerequisites: Company has the following:

  • CEO/Executive Buy In & Support
  • JEDI Committee or ERG Overseeing Company’s JEDI Work
  • JEDI Statement
  • JEDI Commitments
  • Draft of an Action Plan


Timeframe: January 2022 to September 2022

Format: This is a 9-month facilitated program that meets once a month for 1.5 hours. There will be videos and readings/podcasts assigned as homework between sessions. Participants will also have access to 6 commitment specific courses through OSC University, of which they may attend as many as they’d like.

Participants: This program is for organizational leaders facilitating a company-wide JEDI Committee

Cost: $5,000 for two seats, or $10,000 for four seats


Are you ready to take your company’s JEDI commitment to the next level? Apply to participate in the first class of the Trailblazer Pathway in January 2022. Limited seats available. Applications open on November 8th and are due no later than 11:59pm PST on December 8th, 2021.