A Community Approach to J.E.D.I

A Community Approach to JEDI:
How to Apply a J.E.D.I Lens to Everything from Supply Chain Decisions to Policy Actions

Fostering justice, equity, diversity and inclusion must extend beyond your organization and even your consumer base for this work to truly have optimal impact. Applying a J.E.D.I lens to your supply chain and vendor decisions, the community organizations you support, and the policy action you engage in will ensure that you are strengthening the backbone of your business and the natural products industry from a J.E.D.I perspective.

You will learn from J.E.D.I experts and have an opportunity to dig deeper into specific topics during group breakout discussions, including:

  • Two tools to authentically connect with your local community
  • Why gender is a critical component to consider in your supply chain
  • Leveraging public policy to protect and support supply chain workers



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