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Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin
Aparna Rajagopal

Founding Consultant of J.E.D.I Collaborative & Founding Partner of The Avarna Group

Aparna (she/her) is a former natural resources and business litigator who has devoted the last seven years to helping outdoor and environmental organizations attract and engage a diverse and inclusive base of people and cultivate inclusive cultures. Aparna has facilitated workshops on inclusion, equity, cultural competence, cultural relevancy, and implicit bias for over thousands of outdoor educators, nonprofit leaders, outdoor industry professionals, land managers, conservation grantors, and conservationists. She has also spearheaded projects that encourage public dialogue about diversity and inclusion in the outdoors, including Expedition Denali: Inspiring Diversity in the Outdoors. Most recently, Aparna co-founded and has served as director for the People of the Global Majority in the Outdoors, Nature, and the Environment Summit.

Ava Holliday
Ava Holliday

Founding Consultant of J.E.D.I Collaborative & Founding Partner of The Avarna Group

Ava (she/her) believes a more sustainable future is dependent on simultaneously working towards social and environmental justice. She has devoted the last six years to researching and working in this field. Currently a Ph. D. candidate at the University of Washington in the department of Anthropology, Ava has designed and implemented a research project that investigates diversity and inclusion efforts in American environmentalism and has designed and taught several of her own university level courses covering topics such as power, identity, environmentalism, health, and wilderness. Beyond her academic life, Ava puts her knowledge into practice by working as an outdoor educator. Most recently, Ava served as a lead advisor and facilitator at the LGBTQ Outdoor Summit.

“The connections built in doing this work collectively with other companies was encouraging and inspiring. Pathways empowered All Good with resources, tools and a tangible framework to dive more deeply into J.E.D.I. It provided a space of safe and open communication to work through tough and sensitive topics.”

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