Trailblazer Pathway

Meet your facilitators

Cynthia Billops
VP Operations, Membership & Belonging, One Step Closer

Cynthia is a business strategy and operations expert who has spent the last few decades planning, designing and launching complex IT, Web and SaaS services. She earned her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Mills college – focusing on small group interactions and the importance of each individual’s contribution to optimal success. She is an inspired, “human-first” leader of people, projects and organizations and a practiced facilitator – using inclusive practices to build and sustain equitable, diverse, transparent work cultures.

“The connections built in doing this work collectively with other companies was encouraging and inspiring. Pathways empowered All Good with resources, tools and a tangible framework to dive more deeply into J.E.D.I. It provided a space of safe and open communication to work through tough and sensitive topics.”

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Lindsey Bolton
Sales & Marketing at All Good