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Donor Partner Levels

Platinum Donor Partner

Highly integrated principal partner featured at EXPO West 2021 and all PR for 1 year
  • 2021 Primary sponsor at Expo West – broad exposure to 150 CEO’s, investors and 90,000 attendees.
  • 2021 Expo Industry launch to 90K
  • Live statement/video clip at 2021 launch event
  • Spotlighted in all PR – including New Hope articles/podcasts, newsletters - 90K + subscribers
  • Logo on J.E.D.I Collaborative™ website, announcements to OSC2 network (4,500 members), Naturally Network (1,000 members) and Climate Collaborative network (5,229 members)
$100,000 for 1-year full integration

Gold Donor Partner

Integrated in J.E.D.I Educational Videos over the next two years.
  • Highlighted 8+ live webinars per year - evergreen content through April 2022. (est. 3K views per webinar/ announced to 90K in industry)
  • Opportunity for a 30 second brand video featured on the J.E.D.I resource page
  • Invited to speak at 1 event or webinar per year and invited to all private and public events (eg. Expo West, Supply Side, Expo East, Future of Food, webinars)
$50,000 / year for 2 years

Silver Donor Partner

Second-tier integration – speaking invitations, integration at events and social media support
  • Listed as a donor on the J.E.D.I Collaborative™ website and all events
  • Invited to speak at 2 events per year (eg. Expo West, Supply Side, Expo East, Future of Food, webinars)
  • Mentions in PR, social media
$25,000 / year for 3 years

Bronze Donor Partner

  • Listed as a donor on the J.E.D.I Collaborative™ website and all events
  • Mentions in PR, Social
$10,000 / year for 3 years

Become an Early Adopter


Orientation Webinar

Webinar explaining the J.E.D.I Collaborative™ commitments under Culture, Consumer & Communities

Private Consultation

Private consult with the J.E.D.I Collaborative™ team to identify J.E.D.I commitments

J.E.D.I Toolkit & Resource Library

Assistance crafting your J.E.D.I mission statement

Industry Recognition

Recognition on J.E.D.I Collaborative™ website and events

Custom Case Study

Custom J.E.D.I Collaborative™ case study showcasing your work

J.E.D.I Leadership Committee

J.E.D.I Leadership Committee
Early Adopter Company Commitments

A commitment note from the CEO/President of the company to engage in J.E.D.I work

A commitment to lean into the work with a $5,500 minimum investment

  • $4,000 goes to the J.E.D.I solutions provider for their services
  • $1,500 goes to OSC2 for case study development & support
  • OSC2 is investing its time and resources in this work to support you along the way – we realize the importance supporting early adopters in their journey.

To have fun with us on this journey to create lasting change for your company and our industry!

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