Nia Impact Capital invests in forward-thinking companies poised to play a key role in our transition to an inclusive, just, and sustainable economy.
One World Training logo
ONE WORLD provides organizations training and capital to profitably increase their social impact. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, we leverage our expertise in developing leaders to deliver innovative approaches to increase social...
TrevorTCR logo
We invest in organizations that elevate individuals and make them feel safe, valued, trusted, wanted and loved.
MDF web logo
Mission Driven Finance launched in 2016 to fill the gap between philanthropy and traditional investments—commonly known as “impact investing”.
Illumen Capital logo
Illumen Capital provides a pathway for investors, foundations, and family offices to access the world’s top impact funds and actively reduce bias throughout global financial markets.
Pivotal Ventures logo
Pivotal Ventures is an investment and incubation company created by Melinda Gates to advance social progress in the United States. We believe that removing the barriers that hold people back improves life for all.
Astia logo
Astia Angels is an international network of female and male investors that invests in startups that include women leaders and that apply to Astia.
Omidyar Network logo
We seek to create a more equitable economy, promote responsible technology that improves lives, and discover the emergent issues that will shape our future​.
Renewal Funds logo
Renewal Funds is a mission venture capital fund investing in early growth stage companies to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. We invest in innovation that will advance the sustainability of food, water,...
Foodshot logo
FoodShot Global brings together a powerful partnership of world-class, mission-aligned venture funds, banks, corporations, foundations, universities and non-profits. FoodShot Global’s leadership provides a long-term vision for our global food future, and we work collaboratively...
Harlem Capital Partners logo
Harlem Capital Partners (“HCP”) is a New York based early-stage venture capital firm on a mission to change the face of entrepreneurship by investing in 1,000 diverse founders over the next 20 years. We...
Nextworld logo
Nextworld Evergreen partner with consumer sector companies built on enduring principles.
SlowMoney NorCal logo
Slow Money provides a meaningful alternative to our current financial system that has run amok – trillions of dollars a day flowing through capital markets in securities that no one fully understands, contributing to...
RSF Social Finance logo
RSF helped Organically Grown Company set-up as a perpetual purpose trust and retain control over their mission now and in the future.
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